Johnson Berry Farm Stand


Johnson Berry Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd
Certified Organic since 1991
Olympia WA

The Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd new hours-

Open 7 days a week and the stand on Wiggins RD opens at 8:30am.

Last week for Raspberries. 

Boysens and Waldos are in now

Blueberries are in now


No U-Pick Available

Farm Stand on Wiggins RD # 360-493-2350  – Picked Fresh Daily – Farm Stand Only

  • Organic June Strawberries – 2018
  • Organic Summer Golden Raspberries-Now Picking
  • Organic Summer Red Raspberries- Now Picking
  • Organic Marionberries-  2018
  • Organic Loganberries- 2018
  • Organic Boysenberries- Now Picking
  • Organic Waldoberries-  Now Picking
  • Organic Blueberries – Now picking
  • Organic Chester Blackberries –
  • Organic Richter Blackberries-

Organic Frozen Berries Available- 

No added water, No added sugar, frozen individually.

      • Organic Blueberry frozen  N/A
      • Organic Blackberry frozen –  N/A
      • Organic Strawberry frozen- N/A
      • Organic Boysenberries frozen – N/A
      • Organic Loganberries frozen- N/A
      • all berries rinsed and individually frozen

2908 Wiggins Road Southeast, Olympia WA 98501