Johnson Berry Farm Stand

Johnson Berry Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd.

Established in 1975
Certified Organic #551 since 1991

Our Organic Strawberries start around the 1st week of June.  I will update this as we get closer.  The strawberries look great and we are getting excited.

Organic Berry Farm Stand on Wiggins RD # 360-493-2350

Picked Fresh Daily – Farm Stand Only-  No U-Pick Available

  • Organic June Strawberries – june 2020
  • Organic Summer Golden Raspberries–  july 2020
  • Organic Summer Red Raspberries- july 2020
  • Organic Marionberries-  july 2020
  • Organic Tayberries- july 2020
  • Organic New Varieties Blackberries– july 2020
  • Organic Loganberries- July 2022
  • Organic Boysenberries- July 2020

Current Markets for our jams & pepper jams-

Sat & Sun-  Olympia Farmer’s Market- Olympia 10am-3pm

Saturday- Puyallup Farmers Market 9am-2pm

Sunday Ballard Farmers Market, Ballard 9-2pm

Farm Stand on Wiggins RD- 2908 Wiggins Road Southeast, Olympia WA 98501