Olympia Farmers Market



Olympia Farmer’s Market

Our Jam line is offered year around!  

See you there for a taste of our seasonal delights!

Hours of Operation-
April-Oct   Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun  10am-3pm
Nov & Dec   Sat & Sun 10am-3pm
Jan, Feb, March  Saturdays Only 10am -3pm

Fresh berries are done for the year, see you in 2017!

Thurs- Sun  10am-3pm

Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd- 360-493-2350

  • Organic June Strawberries
  • Organic August Strawberies- 
  • Organic Golden Raspberries –  
  • Organic Summer Red Raspberries-
  • Organic Marionberries- 
  • Organic Loganberries-
  • Organic Boysenberries-
  • Organic Blueberries-
  • Organic Waldoberries-
  • Organic Everbearing Strawberries 
  • Organic Chester Blackberries –
  • Organic Richter Blackberries-  

Individually Frozen  –

  • Organic June Strawberry frozen- 4 lb Bags $20
  • Organic Blackberries – 4lbs Bags $20