Olympia Farmers Market


Olympia Farmer’s Market-

Hours of Operation-
April-Oct   Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun  10am-3pm
Nov & Dec   Sat & Sun 10am-3pm
Jan, Feb, March  Saturdays Only 10am -3pm

We are at the Olympia Farmers Market Thurs – Sunday!!  Come see us.

Sorry, but no Organic Blueberries this year.  Unfortunately, the organic blueberry farm that we get our blueberries from had an issue this year and they won’t be offering them until 2019.  So, we will cross our fingers for next year.  Extremely unfortunate.

The Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd is now Closed for the season. 

We will be down at the Olympia Farmers Market.

I will update this when we pick the organic Everbearing strawberries again, maybe on Friday which is July 19. Once the schedule goes back to regular everbearing strawberry picking schedule, I will put it here.  Everbearing strawberries usually come in later, it’s not over, they just come in later (August) and that’s a normal schedule for Everbearing strawberries.

Organic Farm Stand on Wiggins RD # 360-493-2350  –

Picked Fresh Daily – Farm Stand Only-  No U-Pick Available

  • Organic June Strawberries – 
  • Organic Summer Golden Raspberries- 
  • Organic Summer Red Raspberries- 
  • Organic Everbearing Strawberries- Again  in August
  • Organic Marionberries-  July 2020
  • Organic Tayberries- July 2020
  • Organic New Varieties Blackberries- 
  • Organic Loganberries- July 2020
  • Organic Boysenberries- July 2020
  • Organic Waldoberries-   July 2020
  • Organic Blueberries – July 2019  -see above

Current Markets for our jams-

Mon- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle

Tues- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle

Wed – Pike Place Mkt, Seattle

Thurs- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle
Olympia Farmers Mkt, Olympia 10-3pm

Fri- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle
Olympia Farmer’s Mkt, Olympia 10-3pm

Sat- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle
Olympia Farmer’s Mkt, Olympia 10-3pm
Puyallup Farmer’s Mkt, Puyallup 9-3pm

Sun- Pike Place Mkt, Seattle
Olympia Farmer’s Mkt, Olympia 10-3pm
Ballard Farmers Market, Ballard 9-2pm